Friday, October 9, 2009

We are using Open Source Software

Most of our staff is now using Open Source Software for the daily work. Instead of Microsoft Windows Vista, we have Ubuntu Linux as an operative system in place. OpenOffice replaced Office 2007 and instead of Adobe Photoshop, we are working now with Gimp and Inkscape...

We can just encourage everybody to take Open Source Software in consideration. It is definitely very simple to install and to use - and it costs you NOTHING.

During our Operational Management Team (OMT) meeting today, we confirmed the place for the next EFQUEL conference in 2010: Oeras in Portugal is agreeing to host us in September next year. You can maybe already imagine what topic we are discussing there. Since we have became fans of Open Source, we would like to foster also the possibilities of Open Education Ressources - especially under the terms of quality.

We are opening the registration in the beginning of the next year! More information will be soon available at

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  1. Here are some links: (Ubuntu) (OpenOffice)